Mini & Traditional Face Lift

You're fit, active, and happy but your face tells a different story... so you're considering a face lift in Denver. Plastic surgery is an option you're feeling increasingly ready for. In fact, you may be eager to learn more.

Why not look into what a face lift with a Denver plastic surgeon could do for you? Though you may have dismissed cosmetic surgery as an option reserved for the talk show set at one time, now you know it's popular and routine. And you're longing for your face to portray you as the youthful, vibrant person you really are.

Over the past few decades, surgical techniques have evolved. Procedures like face lifts in Denver are more effective, less disruptive and safer than ever. Find out more in person when you request your consultation at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Cherry Creek downtown or just off the I-70 in Golden, Colorado.

Your Mini Face Lift in Denver with Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath

Most patients find all the benefits they're seeking with a mini face lift. Your surgeon makes short incisions in front of and behind your ears, lifts your lower facial skin away from your jaw and neck, tightens the underlying strength layers of the face and neck, removes excess lax skin and uses tiny sutures to anchor the skin in place. You don't get long scars down the hairline behind the ears, a scar under the chin, or a disturbed hairline at the sideburn; you do get the smooth, elevated cheeks, sharp jaw line and tighter looking neck you had several years ago.

Find out more about the mini face lift procedure, recovery and results.

Traditional Face Lift in Denver, Colorado

If you're older or your skin has suffered extensive environmental damage, you may be a better candidate for a more traditional, full face lift with Dr. Wolfe or Dr. Vath. In this case, the incisions wind into the hairline behind the ears and a small incision is made beneath the chin in order to manage more extreme neck laxity and jowling. Most patients do not require these extra maneuvers in order to achieve the youthful change they desire. To get a better sense of the techniques that may be used during your Colorado facelift procedure, be sure to check out our detailed illustrations.

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Other Face Lift Options

New names for face lifts seem to spring up weekly, catchy brands whose main purpose is to promote demand by creating illusions—perhaps the unrealistic expectation that you'll recover from the procedure in just a weekend, or the notion that surgery will pose very little disruption to your lifestyle.

The truth is that even a mini face lift procedure is still surgery. No facial cosmetic surgery can be expected to deliver significant improvement without at least several days of recovery time.

Experienced Surgeons, Strategic Approaches, Beautiful Results

At The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver, Dr. Andrew Wolfe and Dr. Steven Vath offer a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures that may complement your mini or traditional face lift, including:

With most facial procedures, even combinations, you should experience just mild discomfort after surgery. Bandages will be off in a day or two, and bruising and swelling will subside within one to two weeks. You'll be showing off the rejuvenated you in no time.

Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath know that no matter what you call your facelift in Denver, the strategy is the same: provide the proper amount of lift for a natural look with minimal recovery time. The surgeons apply techniques that are current yet proven, and the results they achieve for their Denver face lift patients speak for themselves.

You deserve to look your best. Give them a call today at (720) 279-1926.